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Memory Banners

Memory Banners are a tasteful tribute to the deceased.

By creating a beautifully designed banner or poster showing a reflection of the individuals lie, family and friends gives a wonderful centre point at any funeral, inspiring conversation and reflect at often a difficult time.

The Business Printing Company has set out a selection of simple templates and by working in partnership with yourselves we can give a prompt, professional service.

In 7 simple steps the creation of a personal tribute can be produced.

  1. Choose the background colour for the banner.
    Black / Burgundy / Blue / Pink / Lavender / Classic Cream.
  2. Choose the amount of photos to be used from templates of
    1 photo + verse / 2 photos / 4-6 photos / 6-8 photos or montage.
    (Remember - often the fewer the photos, the more the impact)
  3. Select and supply images.
    Original prints (either colour or black & white) and / or digital files can be accepted.
  4. Eulogy.
    Type out the text to include name / title. Date of birth / date of death.
    Plus any other information you would like included about them.
    (Speed requires this to be emailed over to us)
  5. Donations.
    If you would like to include a charity you would like to support we will incorporate the charities details to help encourage donations.
  6. Proof.
    Once we have set a layout, we will email you our customer proof and alterations can be made accordingly. Please note once you have signed the artwork off to print it cannot be changed.
  7. Delivery.
    The banner or poster will be couriered over night to you, clearly marked for which individual it is intended. Roller banners are supplied in a black carry case, posters will be supplied in a tube.

From supply of images, we will create the artwork, provide a proof & print a high quality banner or poster and courier the delivery back to you.

Our proposed timescale is 2-3 days from receipt of images and text.

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting us.